CEO greeting

Hello, I’m Cha Doo-sun, the CEO of BroadC&S. With our vision to become a good company that leads the contact center & corporate communications market with our impression and innovation, Broad C&S will strive to become a global company beyond Korea and provide global communication services.


Broad C&S’s business can be largely seen as building a corporate call center, building a hospital call center, and cloud services. Since 2010, LG U+ and Cloud contact cloud service have been growing continuously.
BONA Call Center Cloud, which was launched in 2015, has also doubled its annual growth to become the nation’s No. 1 business in the real call center cloud service market in 2017.


In general corporate call center market, we offer construction and cloud services to about 180 customers, including WeMakePrice, based on our various products such as IPCC system, consultation CRM and mobile solutions. We are also gradually expanding our cloud service business through partnership with many business partners.


In the field of hospital call centers, we have innovatively established major general hospital call centers in Korea, such as Samsung Seoul Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, and Bundang Seoul National University hospital. Improving the hospital’s new patient rates and lowering the no-show rate, we was able to secure 43 more advanced hospitals as our customers. In addition, by providing innovative hospital call centers for general hospitals, specialized hospitals, and clinics through hospital clould service, we will develop our company as the leading company in the field of hospital call centers.


Also, we, BroadC&S have developed an AI chatbot platform for medical appointment consultation through performing constant government tasks and R&D. Our BONA chatbot service has been verified through commercial service and we expect that it will be expanded to many hospitals in the future. Also, In 2019, our company was selected for KOICA IBS project and we promoted the establishment of a smart call center in Vietnam. This project has a great significance that we have created a bridgehead for entering the ASEAN market.


We, BroadC&S will do our best to provide a reliable and moving service for our customers, pursue open relationships with our executives and employees based on respect and trust, innovate through constant R&D with creativity and passion, and become a good Broad C&S where the company and its employees can grow together.


By CEO Cha Doo-sun

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