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BONA Counseling Chatbot Integrated Management Service

BROAD C&smp;S ‘BONA consulting Chatbot Platform is a platform that enables integrated response to multi-channel inquiries through various channels such as chatbot consultation, callback, 1: 1 inquiry, chat, SMS MO, etc., and provides integrated administrator functions.

Chatbot & Talk Administrator function

Inquiry management

  • For all inquiries received, such as chat,1:1 inquiry, callback, SMS, all records are managed by registration date/allocation date/completion date, entry/question type, and processing status



  • For consultation quality management and VOC management, the manager can monitor the agent’s status in real time
  • Real-time chatbot consultation content can be monitored
  • Real-time Talk consultation with the agent can be monitored
  • Coaching is possible by delivering a message to the agent if necessary

  • Inquire