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AI BONA Speech Recognition

BROAD C&S secured AI core deep learning technology and hospital voice recognition data through AI voucher and data voucher business in 2020, and received the latest end-to-end speech recognition technology from ETRI. Based on this, we plan to launch an AI cloud service using voice recognition exclusively for hospitals.

end-to-end speech recognition


  • End-to-end speech recognition model is a method that applies to speech recognition through integrated learning in a end-to-end way, instead of separately learning language models, acoustic models, and pronunciation dictionaries.

The Advantages of BONA Speech Recognition

  • Provides higher voice recognition performance compared to conventional methods, Using end-to-end speech recognition technology
  • New/Returning patients dedicated counselor connection, New patients priority connection routing support
  • Improved speech recognition performance based on the speech and text DB of the speech recognition application domain

applications of speech recognition


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