BONA IPCC is based on PureConnect IP-PBX from Genesys, a global No.1 IPCC Company. Optimal integrated AI contact center service platform combined with BROAD C&S’ AI contact center solution and multi-tenant service platform


– BONA IPCC Solution is based on PureConnect solution from Genesys, a global No.1 IPCC company.
It is a software-based all-in-one Application suite that supports SIP-based multimedia.

– BONA IPCC solution supports the scalability that can be freely expanded from 10 to 1000 call centers, and is a reliable solution that can be configured at low cost and dualization.

– BONA IPCC Solution supports the basic key solutions needed to build an AI contact center.
It is a total IPCC application suite that supports intelligent CTI solution, smart IVR, IP recording solution, consultation education & recording evaluation solution, mobile sign board, premium sign board, integrated operation management, and consultation center dedicated messenger.

– It supports multi-tenant function so that it can be used as a call center service platform for telecom operators, and also supports convenient integration with various CRM solutions, UC,, and other solutions.

– Based on the BONA IPCC service platform, we are currently supporting two cloud services: LG U+ Cloud Contact Premium Service and the original BONA Contact Center Cloud Service.

Detailed function

Equipment Components Function
IP-PBX An equipment that performs all functions related to calls, such as registration, status management, exchange, call transfer, and three-way call of the agent’s IP-Phone, as a PBX that performs telephone exchange service.
Smart IVR An equipment responsible for transmitting ARS scenarios before connecting agents from the counseling center, sorting services, collecting information, and handling on-hold music.
CTI Middleware that provides functions such as agent ACD call distribution, exchange call control, statistics management, agent screen popup, etc.
UMS Supports various interworking such as Exchange and Motes
Recording Function to record what is being called
NMS An integrated control system that effectively manages the IPCC system and network status and detects the expected failure in advance and notifies it to the authorities.

Strong point

  • 1. World-proven reliability
    1. – Over 4,000+ system construct experiences worldwide
    2. – Secure customers in over 70 countries worldwide
  • 2. Perfect failure preparedness and backup
    1. – Distributed acceptance of national lines (Distributed acceptance by SIP GATEWAY)
    2. – CIC server dualization configuration: ACTIVE, STAND-BY structure
  • 3. Embrace the latest technology
    1. – VOIP’s SIP standard fully accepted and HYBRID configurable
    2. – Easy to build multi-center with complete IP solution based on software
    3. – Collectively accept multimedia-based channel
  • 4. Provides convenient web-based integrated operation management
    1. – Web-based agent management, group management, call center status monitoring, statistics management support
    2. – Free support for electronic display program function
  • 5. Significant cost reduction effect
    1. – Short-term construction and reduction cost for expansion with Onevender solution
    2. – Minimize maintenance and management costs with a single management system
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