Omni Channel CRM

Advantages of Omni Channel CRM
  • Automatic pop-up of customer information
  • Callback management for missed calls
  • Analysis of customer propensity by systematically saving consultation results
  • Analysis of business processing by consultation type
  • Customer VOC Management
  • Standardize work knowledge through consultation knowledge management(KMS)
  • Convenient outbound campaign work
Expected effect
  • Can be linked to groupware, ERP, CRM programs, etc.
  • Prevent customer churn, improve customer satisfaction
  • Systematic management of previous consultation history and easy search
  • Analysis for business improvement
  • Customer Experience Management & Bad Customer Management
  • Standardized consultation quality for beginner / intermediate / advanced agents
  • Conduct new customer happy calls, surveys, etc.

Omni Channel application

  • Omni Channel CRM is a professional consulting program that supports multi-channel based on the Web, and it is possible to support homepage, mobile 1: 1 consultation service, customer information management, reservation information management, callback service, knowledge management, etc.
  • You can perform outbound campaign work, transfer department consultations, and perform various statistics.
  • When linking with corporate OCS, basic customer information can be linked.
  • Customer information interlock inquiry – customer number, name, date of birth, phone number, address, etc.
  • Consultation history, callback, reservation, transfer, campaign, etc. inquiry, knowledge management of announcements, and saving consultation results
  • VOC management, consultation type management when saving the consultation results
  • When selecting a consultation history, you can check the details of the consultation result
  • When selecting listening to the recording, you can check the actual call contents.

KMS solution for medical reservation support

Broad C&S medical appointment support solution that improves productivity and enables quick appointment of appointment calls

  • Quickly search by disease name / department / center / clinic / doctor name
  • Reservation by interlocking CAPA information Sorting in order of doctor information with CAPA (only available for separate interlock development support)
  • Databaseing various consultation information by introducing knowledge management function
  • Mark doctors’ specialties and precautions
  • Check Notes, Announcements, and SMS template
  • When searching for a medical department, Notify the related information, notes and announcements of each medical department
  • Mark doctors’ specialties and precautions

Omni Channel CRM

  • Intuitive integrated operation management function for the entire call center solution through the web
  • Multi-tenant-based operation management supports independent account management when expanding call centers to various departments
  • Detailed Monitoring of call centers on a weekly and daily basis with the mobile electronic display functions through mobile phones
  • Inquire