SMS MO Service

Simple SMS response service that can improve hospital response rate by 5% or more and lower reservation no-show rate

  • When the patient needs to change or cancel the reservation text he or she received, the patient can simply send a text message “Change” or “Cancel” without making a phone call.
  • The patient receives an automatic reply within 10 seconds of the received text, and the agent answers after confirmation.
  • Introduction complete in Boramae, Incheon naeun hospital/Introduction in progress at Seoul national university bundang, Dajeon sun hospital

  • In addition, MMS including SMS, LMS, and photos can be sent to the hospital via representative number.
  • Multiple photos can be sent, depending on the device type
  • Large screen pops up when photo is selected directly / Support 90 degree rotation function
  • Support SMS and Email reply function
  • Efficient management of evidence for hospital administration – Supports sending ID photo and medical referral photo via SMS

SMS MO Service construction Case

  • Boramae Hospital Opens Dec. 12, 2016
  • Incheon naeun hospital Opens Feb., 2017
  • Bundang Seoul National University Hospital Opens in early Apr., 2017
  • Samsung hospital introduced SMS MO service for schedule change in April 2017
  • Sun Medical Center Opens in Apr., 2017
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