LG U+ cloud contact sevices

Since 2010, in collaboration with LG U +, we have provided cloud contact premium services and cloud contact standard products to about 180 customers with low-cost monthly call center services. We provide IPPBX, smart IVR, intelligent CTI, recording OAM, and consulting CRM.

  • It provides various statistical functions and supports quick consultation through division new/re-examination patient by link with the next-generation OCS
  • Exclusive agent connection of new / re-examination patient, new patients priority connection routing support

Main function

  • Automatic pop-up of customer information through the next-generation OCS and CTI interworking, phone call control (Answering a call, ending a call, making a call, transferring a call, changing the status, etc.)
  • Longest standby queue connection – Connect the agent with the queue that has been waiting the longest first
  • Skills Based Routing – Connect the longest waiting queue that matches the agent’s skill
  • New patient / VIP customer priority Routing – Connect high-priority new / VIP customers to the top of the queue without waiting
  • Blacklist Routing – Blacklist the customer in question and route it to a dedicated group or agent
  • Routing for the previous agent – ​​Routing prior to the previous agent when re-inquiring within the specified period
  • Multi-channel Routing – Call distribution routing for various channels such as telephone, 1: 1 inquiry, Email, Talk consultation

Expected effect

  • Quickly check customer information by linking to the next-generation OCS CIT
  • Improve New patient’s response rate
  • Increased efficiency through simultaneous processing of multi-channel consultation
  • Improve New patient’s appointment rate
  • Inquire