AI BONA Chatbot / AI BONA Service

AI BONA Counseling Chatbot Service

Overview of AI BONA Chatbot

  • Summary 01.

    Intuitive chatbot model that supports both natural language processing method and rule-based menu method

  • Summary 02.

    Web-based, it is easy to link to the customer’s hompage or mobile app without having to install it separately

  • Summary 03.

    Enable to link with the Kakao Talk Plus Friends or Notification Talk

  • Summary 04.

    Enable to switch to chatbot channel through mobile push via telephone channel

  • Summary 05.

    Real-time talk with agents, Supports counseling functions and manager functions that enable 1:1 inquiry processing

  • Benefit 01.

    Enhance brand image through new customer experience

  • Benefit 02.

    Improve customer satisfication by supporting customers 24/7

  • Benefit 03.

    Decrease labor costs, improve response rates, and improve agent productivity

  • Benefit 04.

    Create quick chatbot scenarios & contents with easy manager tool

AI BONA chatbot service channel

Chatbot Client function

  • 1 Menu-based chatbot scenario guidance-Main menu, sub menu, button menu guidance
  • 2 Quick menu function
  • 3 Video Play function
  • 4 Text-based FAQ answer processing – supports text-based short-answer answers and scenario-based answers
  • 5 Real-time Talk consultation with agent, 1: 1 inquiry
  • 6 Link to homepage and Naver map
  • 7 Real-time provision of various information through external DB linkage and API linkage (customer information, reservation information, order information, delivery information, etc.)

Application of chatbot for consultation on medical appointment

  • 01. Hospital Information
    1. Clinic Information
    2. Location
    3. Parking Inquiry
    4. Exchange Inquiry
    5. Naver Map
    6. Hospital website link
  • 02. Medical Reservation
    1. Reservation Confirmation
    2. Reservation
    3. Reservation Change/Cancellation
    4. Department-based Reservation
    5. Doctor-Based Reservation
    6. Disease-Based Reservation
  • 03. FAQ

    1. Hospital Information FAQ
    2. Hospitalization Reservation FAQ
    3. Medical Records FAQ
  • 04. Information

    1. Hospital promotional video
    2. hospitalization video
    3. etc..
  • 05. Online Consultation
    1. Real time Talk consultation
    2. 1:1 inquiry (callback)

Chatbot function – hospital guidance

  • Clinic number guidance, Internet certificate issuance, location guide, parking guide, exchange inquiry, Naver map guide, hospital website link


Chatbot function – medical reservation

  • Reservation Confirmation Medical Reservation Reservation Change / Cancellation Department-based Reservation Doctor-Based Reservation Disease-Based Reservation
  • description about Natural language (text) query and disease name, Reservation connected with the medical department
  • Date / Time Recommendation
  • Simultaneous multiple reservations (up to 3 medical departments can be reserved)

Chatbot function – guidance video

  • Inpatient guidance video, new patient guidance video, fall prevention guidance video, future video, promotional video


Chatbot function – online counseling

  • Real-time Talk with agent, 1:1 callback inquiry, counseling history management

  • Inquire